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                    CARLY SCHROEDER

Perhaps best known as Serena Baldwin, the adorable quick-witted daughter of Scotty Baldwin and Lucy Coe on two daytime dramas: "General Hospital" and "Port Charles", gifted young actress Carly Schroeder has displayed talent and versatility across a spectrum of entertainment media.

In addition to completing over 480 episodes in six years as Serena Baldwin, Schroeder guest-starred on 12 episodes of The Disney Channel's number one show "Lizzie McGuire" as Melina Bianco, a devilish, free spirited, prankster and best friend to Matt McGuire, a role she reprised to the delight of film audiences everywhere in The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Other feature film portrayals include her recent star turn as the title character in Gracie, opposite Dermot Malroney and Elizabeth Shue. Directed by Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth), and produced by Elizabeth Shue and Andrew Shue. Gracie is based on Elizabeth's real life story of overcoming the loss of her brother and her struggle as a teenager in the 70's to give young women the right to play competitive soccer. In order to prepare for the role, Schroeder trained for several months with former captain of the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team.

In 2005, she was featured in the Warner Bros. action thriller Firewall, playing the daughter of Harrison Ford and Virginia Madsen.  The same year she filmed Eye of the Dolphin in the Bahamas. This independent film has received critical acclaim, including a "Best Child Actor" award for Carly at the International Family Film Festival!  The day Eye of the Dolphin wrapped the adventurous Schroeder expanded her repertoire, by flying to South Africa, to work with lions in the thriller Prey. This is a story about an American family that gets stranded while on a wild animal safari in the middle of South Africa.

In 2004, Carly starred in the Independent Spirit Award-winning film Mean Creek. This was her first feature outing.

In addition to her film and daytime television roles, Schroeder co-starred as Cindy Brady in the TV movie Growing Up Brady and has guest-starred as Molly on "Dawson's Creek", and most recently turned in a heart-wrenching performance in "Cold Case" as an abused child that has been accused of murder many years after the crime took place.

Schroeder has done modeling for such internationally known companies as Abercrombie & Fitch and Jessica McClintock and has also appeared in dozens of television commercials, including her favorite for GOT MILK? In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding, grappling , fencing, scuba diving, soccer, and surfing.




      Carly portrayed Serena Baldwin, the adorable smart-witted daughter of Scotty Baldwin and Lucy Coe on (Not one but TWO) Soap Operas:  General Hospital and the sister-show Port Charles.  She has completed over 480 episodes in the past six years as Serena Baldwin.

     Carly added 12 episodes of comedy to her resume by Guest Staring on Disney Channel's number one show Lizzie McGuire.   She resumed her role as Melina Bianco, a devilish, free-spirited, prankster and best friend to Matt McGuire in The Lizzie McGuire Movie.   Carly stepped into the ring with THE ROCK for the Best D*** Sports Show Period.  And on the George Lopez show, Carly earned the role of a 15 year-old when she was only eleven.  Carly has provided her voice in two movies, Babe Pig in the City and Toy Story 2.   She played Molly on Dawson's Creek and Cindy Brady in the movie Growing up Brady.  She has appeared in dozens of commercials.  Her most favorite was GOT MILK?

Carly filmed the movie Mean Creek in Oregon. This was the best filming experience to date because the director, Jacob Estes, was so passionate about the film he wrote.  Carly was thrilled to participate  when Mean Creek premiered in Utah for  Sundance and also in France for Cannes. Carly along with her cast members won a special distinction award at the Independent Spirit Awards in addition to the John Cassavetes Award for best picture made under  $500,000.

Carly has most recently added a thrilling performance in Cold Case as an abused child that has been accused of murder 13 years later. Carly was fortunate to be chosen to model for Abercrombie and Finch's 2005 quarterly catalog.

In 2005, Carly stayed very busy with four movies.  In January, she filmed a student film called We All Fall Down.  Then she headed to Canada to play Harrison Ford and Virginia Madsen's  daughter in Firewall.  She then flew to the Grand Bahamas to star in Eye of the Dolphin.  A troubled teenage girl that meets her marine biologist father for the first time. Carly then boarded a plane and headed to South Africa where she traded in  her beloved dolphins to work with lions in the thriller Prey. Bridget Moyanhan plays Carly's new step-mom.  This movie is about an American family that gets stranded while on a wild animal safari way out in the middle on South Africa. 

Carly spent the early part of 2006 modeling for Jessica McClintock, and  then she completed an amazing soccer film called Gracie. Gracie has been her most challenging role to date because she had grueling training everyday for 2 1/2 months to became Gracie.




At the age of three, Carly started doing print work in Chicago for Sears, K-Mart, Spiegel, Lands End, Chuck E. Cheese, and many others print agencies. You may still find her posters in hair salons. When she turned five, a producer, Bob Ebel liked her extra spark of enthusiasm and asked her to do a few commercials. It was one of these commercials (Shake n’ Bake) that landed her the role of Serena Baldwin.

ABC was looking for a child to play Kin Shriner’s (Scotty Baldwin) daughter. Kin asked ABC if he could play a part in selecting the tyke who would be his co-star. Two weeks before a decision had to be made, ABC was down to five girls, and Carly’s Shake n’ Bake commercial began to air. Kin said that every time he turned on the tube there was this blonde-haired, blue-eyed, quirky, little girl that made him laugh.

He immediately showed the commercial to casting director Mark Teschner and executive producer, Wendy Riche. They agreed to fly Carly out from the Midwest for the testing. With her honest friendly attitude, Carly won over Kin and the Producers. When leaving the auditioning room Carly said, "Hey you all should come back to our hotel. They put us up in a real nice one with a pool." Not knowing the "THEY" were standing right there in front of her. Carly came home to Valparaiso, Indiana ,with a 4 year contract and a best friend (KIN) for life.

This father and daughter duo teamed up, making their acting seem so genuinely believable on both General Hospital and Port Charles. They have performed over 480 episodes on Port Charles alone. Carly has been nominated twice for a Young Artist Award.   She was nominated in 1999 for the YOUNG STAR AWARDS as "Best Performance By A Young Actress in a Daytime TV Program" by the Hollywood Reporter. 

 Carly’s voice can be heard in two films, "Babe Pig in the City" and "Toy Story 2". Some of her more recent commercials are Barbie, Cabbage Patch, and the Got Milk? campaign. Her Got Milk commercial is now airing in England and Australia on "Worlds Funniest Commercials".

In 2000, Carly portrayed Susan Olsen/Cindy Brady in the movie "Growing up Brady". She also flew to North Carolina twice in the   fall of 2000 to film two episodes of "Dawson’s Creek."  

2001, Carly  completed a McDonald’s and an Enterprise-rental-car commercial.  April was extremely busy with shooting a pilot for Disney called Web Girl-Virtually Casey,  appearing on Disney's number one show Lizzie McGuire, looping for, and working as Serena Baldwin. 

2002, Carly finished 12 episodes on Lizzie McGuire to close out the filming schedule. In addition, she can be seen in the The Lizzie McGuire Movie as her devilish character Melina Bianco. She worked with the ROCK for Fox News and on The George Lopez Show plus continued her role as Serena Baldwin on both of the soaps.   

Carly spent the summer of 2003 filming a lead role, Millie, in Mean Creek.   Carly also participated in Mean Creek's premiers at Sundance and Cannes.

In 2004, Carly toured with Mean Creek until its August premiere.  Carly completed a thriller on Cold Case and modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch. 

In 2005, Carly completed 4 movies. We all Fall Down was a student film.  Carly played Harrison Ford and Virginia Madsen's daughter in Firewall.  She starred in a family film called Eye of the Dolphin set in the Bahamas with Katherine Ross, George Harris, and Jane Lynch.  Carly filmed Prey in South Africa with Bridget Moyanhan. 

In 2006,Carly's intense  training for a soccer movie called Gracie proved to be the most challenging role to date.  She portrayed Elizabeth Shue struggling against all odds  in the 70's to play on a boys soccer team.

In 2007, Prey came out on DVD in January. May brought about the exciting Gracie tour where Carly toured 19 cities in 33 days to promote Gracie.   Meanwhile Eye of the Dolphin received many awards at film festivals including "Best Child Actor" International Family Film Festival.  Both Gracie and Eye of the Dolphin  went up against large studio films at the theater during the summer.



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